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FCS ll AM Twin + 1 Channel Islands design for twin fins

FCS Fins

Al Merrick’s original twin fin template, with further refinements from Rob Machado and the shapers at Channel Islands, the FCS II AM Twin + 1 delivers the benefits and feel of a performance twin set-up (Acceleration + Speed + Looseness) with an element of control added via the mini stabiliser.

- Acceleration + pivot + tail release
- Mini stabiliser adds control
- Side fins positioned (11mm) behind shapers dot
- Performance Core (PC) construction
- Lowest area twin set in the FCS II range

Lowest area twin set in the FCS range. The side fins have a wide base and a long leading edge running into a very narrow tip, this provides great trim speed, with the ability to quickly break into a turn.
The very low sweep angle and subtle curve on the trailing edge means this set will pivot in a super tight radius, while maintaining sufficient hold characteristics when pushed a little harder through a turn.
In direct comparison to the side fins, the mini stabiliser has a narrow, elongated template with a rounded tip to add control when used with the side fins.

The FCS II AM Twin + 1 was tested and refined by CI’s team riders such as Rob Machado, Dane Reynolds and Dane Gudauskas. Typically suited to boards with lower rocker, these fins pivot and release exceptionally well, require minimal effort to turn off the top, while maintaining incredible speed and acceleration due to the lack of resistance typically caused by a larger centre fin.

PC fins deliver a consistent feel similar to a traditional fiberglass fin, but with the advantage of reduced weight. The flex pattern extends progressively from the base through to the tip helping the surfer to maintain drive and hold through a turn. PC fins are reliable, very responsive, and can be used in a variety of different conditions.

Recommendation for FCS II AM Twin + 1 positions: From the tail - (Side: 9” - 11” + Centre: 3 - 3 1/2”). Manufacturers who are concerned about fins sitting slightly behind the shaper’s dot should move the side fin position forward by 11cm, and mark a second dot at this measurement.



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