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Australia’s ‘Cabarita’ approved as the next Surfing Reserve

Cabarita Beach © Paget Thomson



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Tweed coast break gets official endorsement

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 21 February, 2018 - In a unanimous decision, the Cabarita Beach-Bogangar region of northern New South Wales has received official endorsement by the Board of National Surfing Reserves to move towards a formal dedication this summer. The much-loved Tweed coast break is referred to by locals as just ‘Caba’.

“The community is stoked to see our surfing environment honoured in this outstanding way,” said Dr Kerrie Foxwell-Norton, chairperson of the Local Steering Committee (LSC) and the first ever female head of a Surfing Reserve in the world.

The National Surfing Reserves Board comprises an eminent panel of coastal experts led by Professor Andrew Short and Brad Farmer who commended the nomination by the many locals and stakeholders who have recognised the significance of the regions waves and beaches.

National, Regional and World Surfing Reserves, an idea which a started in Australia in the early 1990’s by Brad Farmer, recognises iconic places of intrinsic social, sporting, cultural, environmental and heritage value. There are now 20 National Surfing Reserves across Australia, 10 World Surfing Reserves and growing number of Regional Surfing Reserves of which Cabarita Beach-Bogangar is regarded in an expanding global program which has attracted the support of state, local and national governments.

“While declaring Surfing Reserves at such beautiful places like Caba are largely symbolic in nature, it acknowledges the past, the present and importantly to future generations, that surfing beaches are a valuable and integral part of our national identity and way of life and need to be respected, preserved and shared,” Mr Farmer said today.

He said that beaches were the most sustainable valuable natural resource we have as a nation, more so that the finite supply of mineral exports.  He added that while 90% of Australians lived by the coast more than 70% of international tourists came to just see our beaches.

From here, the Cabarita Beach-Bogangar LSC will meet regularly to develop a commemorative booklet, the installation of an official plaque and formal dedication ceremony.

Caba surfing region consists of a number of surfing breaks with ‘The Point’ and ‘Back Beach / Southsides’ the two most popular among local and visiting surfers.   The area first came onto the travelling surfers radar in early 1960’s like many ‘north coast’ breaks and due to its consistency, natural beauty and passionate locals has become a favourite spot for surfers young and old, including National Surfing Reserve Ambassadors, Mick Fanning, Kelly Slater and Joel ‘Parko’ Parkinson.


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